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Welcome to the pearl of Africa! Uganda is home to one of Africa´s highest mountain-ranges (the Rwenzoris) and the source of the Nile – the world´s longest river and the continent´s largest lake.

Because of its position on the equator and its altitude Uganda has a favourable climate all year round. Even through the wet season rain usually occurs in the morning or at night with a beautiful thunderstorm and shortly afterwards the sun´s rays appear to dry up the land.

Various airlines fly to Uganda’s main airport in Entebbe. The most convenient way for tourists to obtain visas for Uganda is to apply online in order to get everything settled prior to arrival. Yellow fever vaccination is mandatory for any traveller who intends to visit Uganda. Also remember to take new US Dollar notes with in cash – in case you should not have access to ATM or be able to swipe your credit card.

General Fees for all locations:USD/$
Hunting permit/hunter (once off)650,00 
Concession fee/hunter (once off)550,00 
Rifle import fee/rifle (per riffle)200,00 
Observer Fee/day (per observer)750,00 
Dip N Pack Fee/hunter (once off)900,00 
Deposit to book hunt (non refundable)5.500,00 

All Safari Packages include:

  • Accommodation and full board in camp including local alcoholic beverages in moderate quantities
  • Guided hunting 1 : 1
  • WIFI
  • Daily laundry and housekeeping
  • All safari drives & field preparation of trophies

The Safari Packages do not include:

  • Tickets to and from Entebbe, Uganda
  • Transfer and/or charter to the camp or in between the camps
  • Accommodation before or after the Safari
  • Personal expenses
  • Tips for staff and Professional Hunter
  • Taxidermy
  • Trophy Shipment
  • Medical Evacuation in case of emergency as well as medical aid
  • Insurance
  • Weapon, ammunition and Trophy Fees

Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve

The reserve is situated in the Karamoja region of North-Eastern Uganda. Founded in the 1960s it is the second largest protected area in Uganda – covering 2.275 km². Here you will have the opportunity to hunt Chandlers Mountain Rheedbuck, East African Bohor Rheedbuck, Jacksons Hartebeest, Paterson Eland, Sudan Roan Antelope and the much sought-after Gunter´s DikDik.

Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve USD/$
6-day Safari Package13.500,00 
Species to hunt:Trophy fee:
Jacksons Hartebeest4.400,00 
Gunther´s DikDik2.500,00 
Chandler´s Mountain Reedbuck3.750,00 
EA Bohor Reedbuck3.150,00 
EA Eland (Paterson)5.000,00 
Sudan Roan Antelope15.000,00 

Ssese Islands

The Islands occupy the North-Western corner of Lake Victoria, the second largest freshwater lake in the world. Its largest town, called Kalangala, serves as the headquarters and can be accessed by ferry ride that lasts about 3 hours from mainland. This exceptional habitat is home to the Island Sitatunga which can be stalked on the forested peninsulas for a once in a lifetime experience.

Ssese Islands:USD/$
9-day Safari Package24.500,00 
Species to hunt:Trophy fee:
Island Sitatunga7.500,00 

Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve

Occupying the scenic plains sandwiched between the Bunyoro escarpment in Western Uganda on the shores of Lake Albert it contains of 87 miles² of protected land. This area is known as beautiful hunting grounds for Uganda Kob, Nile Bushbuck, Ugandan Defassa Waterbuck, Oribi and various other primates.

Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve: USD/$
6-day Safari Package:12.500,00 
Species to hunt:Trophy fee:
Uganda Kob3.750,00 
Nile Bushbuck3.150,00 
EA Bush Duiker750,00 
Nile Buffalo (limited)7.500,00 
EA Defassa Waterbuck (limited)4.000,00 

Lake Mburo Community Wildlife Area

Located in the Kiruhura District in the Western Region of Uganda, Lake Mburo ist he smallest of Uganda´s Savanna National Parks, covering about 370 km². Its home to thousands of Zebras, Impala, Eland, Buffalo, Defassa Waterbuck, Leopard, Hippo, Hyena, Topi, Sitatunga and Reedbuck – to only mention a few. Here you will experience how large, healthy wildlife populations can co-exist with rural communities and how hunters and locals working together can achieve sustainable conservation.

Lake Mburo Community Wildlife Area: USD/$
12-day Safari Package32.500,00 
Species to hunt:Trophy fee:
Nile Buffalo7.500,00 
EA Eland (Paterson)5.000,00 
EA Sitatunga (limited)7.500,00 
EA Defassa Waterbuck4.000,00 
EA Impala1.250,00 
EA Bushbuck2.750,00 
EA Bush Duiker750,00 

Bugungu Wildlife Reserve

This Wildlife Reserve shelters and protects the savannah grassland and temporary/seasonal wetland at the base of the Great Rift Valley escarpment to the Western side of the Murchison Falls National Park. Oribi, Uganda Kob, Hippo, Sitatunga and Defassa Waterbuck are living here as well as over 240 species of birds such as the Shoebill Stork and the Saddle Billed Stork.

Bugungo Wildlife Reserve: USD/$
7-day Safari Package18.500,00 
Species to hunt:Trophy fee:
Uganda Kob3.750,00 
Nile Bushbuck3.150,00 
EA Bush Duiker750,00 
EA Defassa Waterbuck4.000,00 
EA Eland (Paterson)5.000,00 

Karenga Community Wildlife Area

The community is found in the Northern Acacia-Commiphora bush lands and coppices bionetwork that is a part of the Kidepo critical scenery. That forms ideal hunting grounds for the Nile Buffalo.

Karenga Community Wildlife Area: USD/$
8-day Safari Package28.500,00 
Species to hunt:Trophy Fee:
Nile Buffalo7.500,00 

Fishing Trips to Murchison Falls

We offer one or two day of fishing trips in combination with your Hunting Safari at Murchinson Falls.

Murchison Falls – Fishing Location:per day
Good to catch: Nile Perch, Tiger Fish
1-day fishing incl. boat hire1.800,00 
2-days fishing incl. boat hire1.600,00 

All prices include VAT and are subject to change and availability. Wounded animals are considered killed. The general terms and regulations of Muller Hunting & Safari SA PTY Ltd. apply and can be downloaded at: www.muller-hunting.com