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Litule Camp, Niassa Reserve

Mozambique is famous for its outrageous hunting safaris for Cape Buffalo, Sable Antelope, Leopard, Lion, Hippo and really big trophy crocodiles.

Situated in the north east of the Niassa National Reserve, this camp boasts over 31 miles of Lugenda River frontage and the same again along the Rovuma River, which forms the border with Tanzania.

Game can be seen all day long coming down to quench their thirst in the cool perennial water that originates over 300 miles away in the mountains in the west, close to the Malawi border. Our luxury tented Camp Litule is situated on this riverbank amongst Baobabs, large leaf chestnuts and fig trees. The sounds of the cheerful birds are heard all day long and at the end of the days’ hunting you have the luxury of retiring into the comfortable safari canvas tents. These en-suite tents, each fitted with a queen size bed, and the open-air dining and lounge area have a spectacular 3 mile view up the Lugenda River.

Power and WIFI is supplied via a generator and 12-volt batteries. Access into Camp Litule can be arranged for by charter plane from Pemba and you land right at camp on a grass airstrip. Miombo forests, riverine, granite mountains and grasslands are the characteristics of this beautiful hunting terrain. As this is a malaria area, we suggest to be prepared with a prophylaxis.

Facts & General Infos on Hunting in Mozambique:

Hunting season: April – November

Airport to fly to: Pemba International Airport – from there you need to fly with a private Charter to Litule Camp where we have our own airstrip. We will be happy to assist with the booking of the charter (additonal costs occur).

Minimum duration of stay for trophy hunting = 9 hunting days
Daily Rates: Depend on duration of stay and the trophies that are intended to hunt.

Please ask for your individual quotation !

TROPHY FEES (incl. Gov. licence fee)

SpeciesTrophy Fee US$
Baboon – Yellow250.00
Duiker – Common750.00
Duiker- Red1,875.00
Grysbuck – Sharpe‘s1,875.00
Hartebeest – Lichtenstein3,600.00
Impala -Johnson‘s750.00
Reedbuck – common2,200.00
Sable – Roosevelt7,500.00
Wildebeest- Niassa4,700.00
Zebra – Böhms3,150.00

All prices include VAT and are subject to change and availability. Wounded animals are considered killed.

The general terms and regulations of Muller Hunting & Safari SA PTY Ltd. apply and can be downloaded at: www.muller-hunting.com

Trophy Gallery of Mozambique:


Due to small quota allocations per area, a client needs to reserve animals (including plains game) upon booking the safari. A trophy fee deposit equal to this above amount will need to be paid 30 days prior to the safari commencing.


No lions under the age of six (6) or juvenile leopards may be shot. The PH‘s decision on age is final.


Meat used for baiting purposes out of the cold room or skinning shed that have not been hunted by the client will be charged for as follows:

Leopard & Hyena – US$ 250,00 per bait

Lion – US$ 600,00 per bait