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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Do they have summer or winter time in Africa?

In Germany the time changes every year on the last Sunday in October and on the last Sunday in March. In March the clock is set forward one hour and in October the clock is set back one hour. Meanwhile, time continues to run in South Africa and other African countries because there is no difference between summer and winter time.

How are the seasons in South Africa?

Is hunting possible during the hot summer months in South Africa?

Is hunting possible all year round in South Africa?

Is it possible to do management hunts in South Africa?

What animals are considered Plains Game?

What is considered as Dangerous Game?

Which animals belong to the group of the Big Five?

Where does the name “Big Five” come from?

What are the „Ugly Five“ of Africa?

Do you have to have a hunters training exam in order to hunt in Africa?

Is there a minimum age for hunting in Africa?

Who has the hunting rights and are there hunting season regulations in Africa?

What is the job of an Outfitter?

Who is allowed to guide international hunters on their safari in Africa?

Would you be able to hunt by yourself without the company of a professional hunter?

Do you need a hunting permit/a hunting licence for joining a safari in Africa?

Can I take the venison/game meat with me after the hunt?

What is considered a trophy if it comes to African Safaris?

Are you allowed to take the trophy with you after a successful hunt?

What does raw preparation/field preparation mean?

What documents have to be issued during the process of trophy treatment and import?

What options do I have for preparation of my trophies?

What does Dip and Pack mean?

What does full preparation/mounting of trophies mean?

What happens to the game meat after the hunt?

Can I hunt with my own rifle and ammunition during my safari in Africa?

Which calibers are suitable for hunting in Africa?

Is hunting with a bow permitted in Africa?

Is it legal to hunt Elephant in Africa?

Are you allowed to hunt Rhinos in Africa?

Do I need vaccinations for a safari in South Africa?

How do I get help in case of an emergency?

What insurances should I have for my safari trip to Africa?

Do I need to apply for a VISA for my Hunting Safari to Africa?