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Las Novedades

Tiempo de Corona en NGIRI: Aproveche al máximo

Cazar en ganso y pato en Sept 2020

Ya que todavía no se nos permite tener invitados internacionales de caza, vamos a cazar con los lugareños en ganso y pato:

Aprovechar al máximo el tiempo de bloqueo

Todavía no podemos tener invitados internacionales, por lo que continuamos con nuestro sitio de construcción.

Se hace el trabajo de carpintería, la cámara frigorífica tiene piso nuevo

Naturaleza intacta en NGIRI

Cazar sostenible

Open letter – Fenced hunting in South Africa

An eternal discussion, heated and yet full of prejudice and wrong information.

Facts and background:

• Currently over 80% of the huntable areas in South Africa are fenced
• Only the owner may hunt in compliance with hunting laws and
hunting times
• The owner can allow his guests to hunt under professional supervision

The South African Hunting Authority is subordinate to the nature conservation authority and issues its licenses to carry out commercially marketed hunting according to strict criteria. This includes the assessment of the size and condition of the area, including the fencing, as well as the accommodation of the guests and the processing of the venison and the trophies. A prerequisite for the issue of the so-called outfitter license is the passing of the South African professional hunter’s exam in the responsible province (PH license).

The discussion about fenced-in hunting is justified because many owners and outfitters no longer care about the ethical side of hunting due to the high demand from foreign hunters. Trophies no longer come from the own stocks but are bought in auctions and are released shortly before the hunters arrive – this is not a secret and in the past few years has ensured that not only the image has been damaged enormously, but the trophy prices have also dropped dramatically.

Farmer and Outfitter like us, who are committed to ethical hunting, often fall through the grid in this discussion. No effort is made to research the background under which the hunt actually takes place. We think that’s a shame and would like to encourage hunters and those interested in hunting not to be tempted by low prices and supposed special offers. Do enquiries, ask questions and only book once you have received satisfying answers. We at Muller Hunting & Safari stand for sustainable hunting!

Anja Müller, Alicedale, South Africa

El bloqueo en NGIRI

It is a very difficult time not only for us as Farm Owners, Outfitters and PH´s but also for our employees such as Skinners, Trackers, Farm Workers, Chefs and Housekeepers – without them our farm life and hunting would be impossible!

We are aware of our responsibility for them and have continued to employ them despite of the total lockdown in our industry at present!

They are now helping us to maintain everything, carrying out neccessary renovation works and building our new butchery and meat processing facility with us.

As we are not allowed to host hunting guests at present no meat is within reach for them. Therefore Jaco, our Farm Manager and Game Ranger hunts venison for our staff – from Guinnea Fowls to Warthog, Impala and Blesbock which we then share with our employees and their families.

Caza con lugarenos en junio 2020

Debido a la pandemia, todos los invitados extranjeros tuvieron que posponer su caza. Tratamos de sobrevivir y cazar con los lurarenos…

Cachorros Ridgeback

Todos han encontrado un buen hogar nuevo  – mantenemos dos: Lara & Bella. Fue difícil dejar ir a los demás…

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