Travel report hunting trip to South Africa / Ngiri Lodge

Travel report hunting trip to South Africa / Ngiri Lodge

I’ve always wanted to hunt buffalo in South Africa. I had previously successfully hunted buffalo in Tanzania and Mozambique. The prejudices in my circle of friends were big because everyone assumed that this was a gate hunt. Far from it, but more on that later. So I planned to travel alone.

In spring 2022 I met Ms. Anja Müller at the trade fair in Dortmund and was immediately enthusiastic. I booked the hunt for early September and decided I want to hunt 2 Cape Buffalo and an Eland bull. After several phone calls with Mrs. Müller, who bought the hunting farm of about 5000 hectares with her husband a few years ago, I became convinced that the stay and the hunt would be a great experience. On September 2nd, 2022, I flew, without a weapon, via Frankfurt and Cape Town to Port Elizabeth. There Mrs. Müller picked me up from the airport with a warm welcome and we drove another 1 ½ hours to the hunting farm, which is second to none. A very tasteful and cozy lodge with 4 individual chalets in a 5 star quality. Ms. Müller was a perfect hostess and a sensationally good cook from day one.

The next morning we completed the obligatory test shooting with a repeater caliber 375 H&H, including silencer. At first I had my problems because I hadn’t shot with a trigger for decades. But the Müller family also has an R93 in caliber 375 with a muzzle braker which was a perfect second option.

The next morning we went hunting, which was very demanding. It was never shot from the pickup and I was pushed to my limits while stalking. There can be no talk of gate hunting at all, on the contrary, it was much more hunting than in Tanzania. There you have huge herds and hunting success is almost guaranteed. At Muller-Hunting you really have to fight for the buffalo with great exertion. Mrs. Müller accompanied me every day and we had a nice time together.

The PH and trackers were top notch and I was completely satisfied. After 10 days there were 2 very good Dagga Boys, an Eland bull and a Blesbok. I liked it so much that I am planning to go there again in 2024. I can only highly recommend this hunting farm and I hope that my report will do away with the prejudice of gate hunting. Of course, like everywhere else in the world, there are black sheep, but at Muller-Hunting you really feel that you are in very good hands.

I would like to thank Anja Müller, her husband and the whole team for their very nice support and the excellent hunt.

With a big Waidmannsheil

September 2022

Cornel Güsken, Viersen, Germany