Hunting in South Africa – Ngiri Private Game Reserve

Our Home where most of our hunting takes place is located at the foot of the Zuurberg mountain range, a short 1 hour drive from Port Elizabeth. 

Upon arrival at our beautiful 5 star lodge, you are greeted by breathtaking scenery and friendly staff who wait on your every need. African beauty truly surrounds you in every sense. The lodge is equipped with all modern amenities and is the perfect space to put your feet up after a long day in the bush.

Ngiri Private Game Reserve offers a wide range of plains game as well as Cape Buffalo among others. 

Our other concessions in RSA...

Oyster Bay

Our coastal hunting destination offers an extremely unique experience - Situated on the Southern coastline, a mere 2 hour drive from Port Elizabeth. Enjoy sea views and lush surroundings. If a Cape Buffalo is your dream trophy, Our Oyster Bay camp will turn that dream into a reality.

Kalahari Oryx

A diamond in the rough. This South African gem stretches over 212 000 Acres in the Northern Cape Province. Four of the Big Five can be found roaming this landscape and apart from other plains game such as kudu, springbuck, oryx, eland etc. one can also find sable, roan and nyala.

Northern Cape Reserve

This location is exceptionally good for Lion hunting – with stunning views and the charm of the Kalahari. Our clients stay in comfortable double rooms with aircon and en suite bathroom. WIFI is available free of charge in the Lodge area

Limpopo Reserve

Guests are treated to tastefully furnished en suit double rooms. International cuisine is served in the African Lodge where we spoil you with drinks from the bar. This location is known for its exceptional Cape Buffalo hunting and one of the best places for trophy Kudu bulls.

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    Game Hunted at NGIRI



    $ 220

    Baboons are opportunistic eaters and, fond of crops, become destructive pests to many African farmers



    $ 450

    The blesbok is a medium-sized antelope with a prominent white blaze on the face. There is a horizontal brown stripe dividing that blaze above the eyes


    The White Blesbok is not an albino, but simply a variation/mutation in colour from the Common Blesbok

    Karamoja 3

    The Cape buffalo is the largest one, found in Southern and East Africa

    Karamoja 3

    The Cape buffalo is the largest one, found in Southern and East Africa



    $ 840

    Bushpigs are nocturnal and can be very dangerous, as they use their sharp tusks when threatened


    Cape Eland

    $ 2,600

    The largest antelope in Africa. Eland are remarkably agile and large bulls can easily jump over regular fences

    Common (grey) Duiker {Sylvicapra grimmia}. Thembe Elephant Park. Maputaland. KwaZulu Natal. South Africa

    Duiker (Grey)

    $ 400

    The common, or grey, Duiker is a tiny, shy antelope with only the males having short horns.


    Gemsbok (Oryx)

    $ 1,350

    Oryx or Gemsbok is a large antelope with striking black and white markings on the face and legs, black side stripes on the flanks and a long black tail



    $ 3,700

    The Giraffe is the tallest living terrestrial animal and the largest ruminant on Earth


    Hartebeest (Red)

    $ 1,120

    The hartebeest is a large, fawn-colored antelope. Their most distinctive characteristics are a steeply sloping back, long legs, and elongated snout



    $ 510

    The impala or rooibok is a medium-sized antelope found in eastern and southern Africa


    Kudu (East Cape)

    $ 1,350

    The Eastern Cape Kudu subspecies is smaller in stature than the Southern Greater Kudu with a much darker colour hide and horns



    $ 3,700

    The Lechwe is a medium-sized antelope, closely related to the Waterbuck. The ram stands about one metre at the shoulder and has a mass of about 80 kg



    $ 1,120

    The caracal is a striking medium-sized, robustly built cat with long powerful legs, large paws, a short tail and ear tips with long hair tufts



    $ 55

    Hares tend to be larger than rabbits, with longer hind legs and longer ears with black markings

    mountain Reedbuck

    Mountain Reedbuck

    $ 560

    The Mountain Reedbuck is a medium-sized, graceful and shy antelope. Rams attain a mass of about 32 Kg and measures 750mm at shoulder



    $ 2,200

    The nyala is also known as lowland nyala. It is a kind of antelope and native to southern Africa. The nyalas belong to the family Bovidae and genus Nyala



    $ 560

    The flightless ostrich is the world's largest bird. They roam African savanna and desert lands and get most of their water from the plants they eat.

    A rare roan antelope (Hippotragus equinus) in natural habitat, South Africa


    $ 6,200

    The Roan antelope is one of Africa's largest bovids, only exceeded in size by the African buffalo and eland.



    $ 5,200

    The sable is a rotund, barrel-chested antelope with a short neck, long face, and dark mane. Both bulls and cows boast impressive ringed horns that rise vertically and curve backward


    Common Springbok

    $ 450

    The springbok is a small antelope, reddish-brown with a pale underside. Both males and females have ringed curved, black horns.


    Black/copper/white Springbok

    $ 1,650

    The springbok is a small antelope, reddish-brown with a pale underside. Both males and females have ringed curved, black horns.



    $ 400

    The Steenbok is a small antelope, slim and elegant with a short head with large ears and long legs



    $ 400

    This is the most commonly seen wild pig of the African Bush. It is a dull grey colour and has a naked skin



    $ 2,200

    These antelopes are large, robust animals; bulls are generally about 25 percent larger than the cows

    Black wildebeest

    Black Wildebeest

    $ 1,350

    Black Wildebeest have a dark brown to black body, an erect mane and a long whitish tail. Both bull and cow have heavy, forward curving horns

    Blue wildebeest

    Blue Wildebeest

    $ 1,350

    Blue wildebeest are characterized by a long black mane and a beard of hair hanging from the throat and neck. Both sexes grow short curved horn

    Burchell zebra

    Burchell's Zebra

    $ 1,350

    The Burchell's Zebra is the most common across the African continent



    $ 44

    The Cape genet is a nocturnal cat-like carnivore native to South Africa. It is ash grey in color with brown irregular spots and a black stripe along the spine.



    $ 110

    African crested porcupines eat tubers, bark, bulbs, fallen fruit and cultivated root crops. They are nocturnal and forage alone at night

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