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Frequently asked questions about your potential hunt with Muller Hunting & Safaris

Safaris are confirmed on receipt of 100% of the TOTAL DAILY RATE. The balance, which consists of total hunting costs, trophy fees and any additional costs incurred (less deposit paid) is payable on your last hunting day in camp.

Unfortunately not. All flights are at the clients expense

There will be no refund on a deposit within three (3) months prior to the 1st of March of the year the hunt is to take place in. If cancelled longer than 3 months prior to this date, 50% of the deposit will be refunded.

Certainly! We encourage you to bring friends and family. Please review our brochure here for costs on additional pax



Muller H&S offers Night-Hunting-Safaris:
Nocturnal predators such as jackals, genets, lynxes, porcupines and hares can be hunted as part of a night-hunting-trip. A night hunt can only be booked on site for 200,-€/220,-US$ per night hunting trip plus trophy fees according to our price list

We offer a day hunt for ducks, geese and guinea fowl. Per hunter we accept a flat rate of 200,-€/220,- US$ per day (incl. rifle and ammunition). Bookable only on site

All safari activities are potentially dangerous and all lawful directions of the safari operator and/or his staff must be followed. The operator and/or its directors or associates will not accept responsibility for any individual’s negligence, illness, accident or loss suffered by the client during the safari or for any costs incurred as a result thereof.


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