Life Cycle Assessment – our contribution to the CO² reduction

In order to absorb one ton of CO², a beech must grow for about 80 years. This means that the beech binds 12.5 kilograms of the greenhouse gas per year. So you would have to plant 80 trees to compensate for one ton of CO² a year.

According to statistics of the German Federal Environment Agency (source: Wikipedia), a CO² emission of 537 g/kWh is released per kWH (kilowatt per hour) produced in the “German Electricity Mix / until 2013”.

With our photovoltaic systems, we produce more than 30,000 kWh per year on our farm – the equivalent of 3 times the electrical energy we obtain per year from the state-owned electricity provider (Eskom). In doing so, we are making our own contribution to reducing CO² emissions.

In terms of numbers this means:

With our photovoltaic system we save:

16.110.000 g CO² a year

16.110 kg : 12,5 kg per beech = 1.288,8 beech contribute the same reduction of CO²as we do on our farm !

And this is what our systems look like:

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