My once in a lifetime Buffalo – June 2023

For a very long time a Buffalo hunt had been a dream of mine. I spoke to several Outfitters before I met Anja at the Jagd & Hund in June 2022 in Dortmund – and my decision where to go to was made. The hunt was supposed to take place in September 2022 but due to unforeseen circumstances on my side had to be postponed to June 2023. Thanks again to Anja & Philip for their understanding and flexibility!

The weather conditions were ideal for our hunt and when I arrived the Buffalos were in their mating time. My flight arrived late evening, therefore we went to the shooting range first thing next morning to practise with the .375 H & H Magnum of Steyr to get familiar with handling etc. After a few shots my grouping was right and we went on our first Safari Drive, looking for fresh Buffalo tracks. Our tracker Clemens spotted tracks from the last day at one of the dams and we followed them into a bushy area. By slowly walking through the bushes, following the tracks further, we heared the sound of Buffalos and could hear them running away. By getting out of the bush as fast as we could we still got a glimpse of a group of Buffalos and could make out that there were Bulls amongst them. Our attempt to get closer again was terminated by the fading light and we finished the day with a traditional Braai and delicious lamb chops arround the fireplace.

During the next days we followed this herd again and again, got a closer look at the Bulls and identified the one that met all my expectations – I wanted a character horned Buffalo Bull, a propper Dagga Boy! Even though we stalked & walked roundabout 15 km per day – REALLY – we never got a chance to get within shooting distance.

I was beginning to loose confidence as the last day broke on and saw my chances fading. We found fresh tracks of the herd in the early morning and followed them until Lunch. Our Chicken Wraps were quickly eaten while we were standing waiting for Clemens to confirm they were again in front of us, lying down to rest in the mid-day sun. As we were running out of time we made the plan to take position on the oposite side of the bush were there were lying, behind a dam wall, ready on the shooting sticks. Then we sent Clemens, our tracker, over to make noise and push them towards us. After having waited 10 min we suddenly noticed movement in the dam – and saw Cows, Bulls and Calves swimming towards us. Anja told me to be ready if the Bull we were looking for would be coming out of the water and would be standing by himself.

We watched the herd slowly coming out of the water – first the Cows with the Calves, then the first Bull and then the Bull we wanted. Unfortunately they walked together and the wind changed slightly. We could see they were looking into our direction. Philip made a whistle and the herd moved, the Bull was suddenly standing alone and I took the chance and went for the shot. The Bull went down but got up again immediately, turned and went to the right hand side walking alongside the edge of the dam. We lost sight, checked were the herd was and then slowly followed the Bull. We found the spot where he had taken the shot, the blood we found looked like the liver was hit – I was relieved and put my hopes up. We followed the blood track into the thicker bush, the blood got less and less while we walked together. Each of us ready to shoot should the Buffalo suddently come towards us – Philip with his 458, Anja with the 416 and me with the .375 H & H Magnum.

The terrain good muddy and we had to cross a small river bed – our shoes and socks beeing soaking wet now. After the river bed we couldnt find any more blood but were able to see the track very well still. Coming arround some bushes we could hear him breathing, when we got closer he stood up and started running again. Philip fired and placed a good second shot – and we went after the blood track again. The bushy part opened up for a small side arm of the dam again and we saw he must have been swimming to the other side. We held our rifles, bullet belts and cellphones up in the air and slowly walked trough, now beeing completely wet all over!

We walked another 10 min through thick bush when we heared him swimming again. He was already far away when we reached the edge of the dam to watch out for him. But we could see where he was heading to, started running arround the dam walls using the bushes as a hide and found his blood track on the other dam side again. Philip told us to take position, rifles ready, standing next to each other for the Bull to come out of the bushes again – and we agreed I would have the first shot again, whereas Anja & Philip would only shoot if we would be in danger.

A few seconds later, the Bull rushed out in front of us – I took the shot but missed, reloaded and the second one was a hit again. The Buffalo was strongly wounded now and slowing down but again heading towards the water, went in and started to swim. We watched him from the shore and when he reached a position that lifted his body towards an extent that we could aim on his shoulder again, I asked Philip to take him out. Philip took the shot, the Buffalo went towards the shore with his last power, Philip gave him a last Bullet and he laid down – finally dead.

Only as we finally approached him I saw what a beauty he was – it was worth every stalk, even though it had altogether been almost 100 km !!

Memories for a lifetime – for sure! Thank you, Anja, Philip & Clemens – I will never forget this beautifull hunt!

June 2023

Johannes Koch, Germany

Our first hunting trip to Africa – April 2023

We knew Anja and her husband Bernd from their driven hunts in their hunting area in Germany. Whenever we sat together they shared fotos with us from their beautifull hunting area in South Africa and inside of us the desire to experience that ourselves grew stronger every time.

The last year was a very sad year for us as we lost two members of our family but with this happening we out of a sudden had more time for holidays again – which we hadnt been able to do for years! So we decided to spoil ourselves with a hunting trip to South Africa and visit the Mullers beautifull Lodge in the Eastern Cape.

It was overwhelming when we got there and we fell in love with the property immediately. The way of hunting and the open house policy together with finest hospitality and professional organisation – it was all simply better then exspected!

But the best by far was how we were hunting – during day light, walk & stalk and shooting from the shooting sticks (4-pod). The equipment we used was all German quality from the Blaser & Steyr riffles to the scopes and binoculars from Zeiss, Leica or Svarowski.

All in all it couldnt have been more fun, we will definetly come back very soon!

April 2023

Christoph & Regina Kaut

Wellcome back at NGIRI – April 2023

After having been hunting with Anja & her team in 2019 we couldnt wait to return after Corvid Lockdowns and travel restrictions…

This time we went as a group of three – Uwe, Axel and Karin – all passionate hunters in Germany but happy South Africa returners 🙂 On our bucket list were: Impala, Blesbock, Kudu, Nyala, Warthog, Mountain Rheedbock, Bushpig and Eland. Red Hartebeest & Bushbock – if we still had time. And we wanted to do a guided Safari on the Big Five wih Anja again, like last time, but in another Nature Reserve as we had visited Addo Elephant Park before.

Our second stay at NGIRI Private Game reserve was even better than our first time – we enjoyed every minute of it. Hunting only by doing Walking & Stalking under the experienced guidance of Anja & Philip together with their team of skinners and trackers was absolutely professional and on top with the all the German traditions involved that we all love. The Weidmannsheil after the animal has gone down, the honor of the last bite as well as the “Bruch” for the successfull hunter – all that is lived at Muller Hunting & Safaris and you can feel and experience it comes from the heart. The food was lovely like always, only sometimes a little bit too much… 😉 Our hunting success speakes for itself if you have a look at the trophy pictures that we took. As we got most of our trophies in time we even made it to a Safari Ride at Schotia Game Reserve, friends of Anja & Philip, where we spent a beautifull afternoon and finished our trip with a typical South African Braai Evening arround the fireplace.

We have already made plans for returning soon!

With Waidmannsheil from Germany

April 2023

Uwe Clemens, Axel Jung & Karin

Hunting at it´s best – March 2023

Muller Hunting & Safari gave us memories for a lifetime

My wife and I met Anja at the “Jagd & Hund” trade fair in Dortmund in the summer of 2022. We walked past the booth of Muller Hunting & Safari and couldn’t help responding to Anjas beautiful inviting smile. As a hunt on Cape Buffalo had been on my bucket list forever we decided on going for Anja´s special trade show offer. Anja helped us with all organisational staff in advance and we were very excited about the hunt in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, where Muller Hunting and Safari has its home base and own hunting area. During the first days of our stay we tracked several different Buffalo herds and finally ended up on a mountain plattform where a big herd of beautifull Buffalos where enjoying their grazing. We had to be patient as the wind was changing and took time to get closer in order to specificly identify what we had in front of us. It was a herd of Cows with newborn calves and 4 Bulls that had not jet gotten wind of us. We chose the strongest Bull, waited until we were in close distance and that one stood away from the others. Then went for it. The bull took the shot but didnt go down. Instead he slowly walked towards the rest of the group so that we unfortunately couldnt place a second shot. We followed the group, waiting for another chance to place a shot – and needed another 2 shots to finally stretch it – these guys are just too hard as a shot. The subsequent measurement resulted in 46 4/8 inches with beautiful character bosses 🙂 A real memory of a life time – thats hunting as it should be! The beautifull Springbock that I shot on the last day of my hunting trip was the perfect finish to an unforgettable African Safari adventure! A big thank you to Anja & her team for enabling us to this special experience!

With Waidmannsheil from Austria

March 2023

Josephine & Stephan Göschl

Safari & Sightseeing Group Trip February 2023

Guided trip along the Garden Route from Capetown to Alicedale

Our group from Hessen, Germany, went on a 2 week trip alongside the beautifull Garden Route of South Africa. Anja from Muller Hunting & Safari SA Pty Ltd. picked us up at Capetown Airport and took us on a most exiting tour through Capetown itself (3 days), Franschhoek (Wine Valley, 2 days), Mosselbay (1 day) over Plettenberg Bay (4 days) to Alicedale, where Muller Hunting and Safari has its home base on a 5.000 ha Private Game Reserve.

Shortcut of our superexciting trip:

Capetown: Cape Point Tour, Cape Peninsula, City Tour with BoCap-Tablemountain-Two Oceans Museum-City Garden

Franschhoek: Wine Tasting Tour with the Wine Tram, Farmers Market, Restaurant L’Epice, Museum of African Art

Mosselbay: Hiking tour, Shark Diving, Brandy Tasting

Plettenberg Bay: Robberg Nature Reserve, Plettenberg Bay Golf & Country Club, Monkey Land & Birds of Eden, Old Nicks Village, Saturday Market Harkersville

NGIRI Private Game Reserve, Alicedale: Addo Elephant Park, Schotia Game Reserve, Hunting & Safari at NGIRI Private Game Reserve

We all enjoyed our trip until the very last minute and have already made plans to come back. A revival meeting in Germany is to take place in May 2023 to go further with the planning!

February 2023

Alena & Lorenz Stuehn, Andreas Scherf, Mark-Thomas Kling, Adem Yildiz

Hunting trip to the Kalahari – Feb 2023

Muller Hunting & Safari guided us on a wonderfull and exceptional hunt of a lifetime in the Northern Cape of South Africa

My wife and I met Anja at the “Jagd & Hund” trade fair in Dortmund in the summer of 2022. Actually, we wanted to go moose hunting and were looking for a suitable provider, but were disappointed and came by chance at the booth of Muller Hunting. Anja’s friendliness and sparkling enthusiasm for South Africa was contagious and so it finally came to us that we decided to book a hunting trip with Anja to the South African Kalahari. It was to be my life buffalo, which I would like to hunt there together with a strong Eland bull. As soon as we arrived at the 7-star lodge near Uppington, it was clear that this trip would be something extraordinary. The 90,000-hectare hunting area is species-rich and rough at the same time. We set off in the early hours of the morning and went in search of tracks. The eland was supposed to succeed first, but it still took us a whole day from the first speech over kilometers of pursuit until we were finally able to hunt down the old bull in an old waterbed. At the end of the successful hunting day, there was a first-class dinner in the dunes – simply great. In the following days we had several buffalo herds in front of us, but rarely got close enough. On the third last day of the safari we saw a group of 6 bulls, 3 of which were too young and 3 old enough. We chose the strongest one and went for it. Although the first shot was in the lung, we needed another 4 shots to finally stretch it – these guys are just too hard as a shot. The subsequent measurement resulted in 46 inches – what a monster. From the German hunting guide to the help with the import of weapons to the assistance with the preparation and shipping of the trophies, everything worked out wonderfully! This trip will remain in my memory forever – thank you very much for that!

With a big Waidmannsheil from Germany

February 2023

Gertrud & Wilfried Bauer

Travel Report – Nov 22 / Hunting at NGIRI Private Game Reserve

So far I have hunted in Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic - mainly for wild boar, red deer and roe deer. The idea of ​​hunting in South Africa came up while visiting the “Jagd & Hund” trade fair in the summer of 2022, when I met Ms. Müller at the Muller Hunting & Safari stand in Dortmund. The offer and location sounded promising and so in November 2022 I traveled to the Eastern Cape of South Africa to hunt.
The extensive hunting farm of the Müller family extends over 5,000 hectares and the lodge in particular is something special thanks to its exceptionally beautiful location. We were there for a total of 10 days and the care was excellent. The game stock is great, even if the hunt was sometimes really demanding for my fitness, because hunting is only done on the stalk and we sometimes followed tracks for miles before we were finally able to address the trophies.
Hospitality and service were of high quality and delicious, we didn't miss anything - it was varied and wonderfully prepared. There was also a day of deep sea fishing and we had a lot of fun!
Definitely recommendable and the price-performance ratio is awesome!
All the best and we'll be back!

Vano & Renata, November 2022

Travel report hunting trip to South Africa / Ngiri Lodge

Travel report hunting trip to South Africa / Ngiri Lodge

I’ve always wanted to hunt buffalo in South Africa. I had previously successfully hunted buffalo in Tanzania and Mozambique. The prejudices in my circle of friends were big because everyone assumed that this was a gate hunt. Far from it, but more on that later. So I planned to travel alone.

In spring 2022 I met Ms. Anja Müller at the trade fair in Dortmund and was immediately enthusiastic. I booked the hunt for early September and decided I want to hunt 2 Cape Buffalo and an Eland bull. After several phone calls with Mrs. Müller, who bought the hunting farm of about 5000 hectares with her husband a few years ago, I became convinced that the stay and the hunt would be a great experience. On September 2nd, 2022, I flew, without a weapon, via Frankfurt and Cape Town to Port Elizabeth. There Mrs. Müller picked me up from the airport with a warm welcome and we drove another 1 ½ hours to the hunting farm, which is second to none. A very tasteful and cozy lodge with 4 individual chalets in a 5 star quality. Ms. Müller was a perfect hostess and a sensationally good cook from day one.

The next morning we completed the obligatory test shooting with a repeater caliber 375 H&H, including silencer. At first I had my problems because I hadn’t shot with a trigger for decades. But the Müller family also has an R93 in caliber 375 with a muzzle braker which was a perfect second option.

The next morning we went hunting, which was very demanding. It was never shot from the pickup and I was pushed to my limits while stalking. There can be no talk of gate hunting at all, on the contrary, it was much more hunting than in Tanzania. There you have huge herds and hunting success is almost guaranteed. At Muller-Hunting you really have to fight for the buffalo with great exertion. Mrs. Müller accompanied me every day and we had a nice time together.

The PH and trackers were top notch and I was completely satisfied. After 10 days there were 2 very good Dagga Boys, an Eland bull and a Blesbok. I liked it so much that I am planning to go there again in 2024. I can only highly recommend this hunting farm and I hope that my report will do away with the prejudice of gate hunting. Of course, like everywhere else in the world, there are black sheep, but at Muller-Hunting you really feel that you are in very good hands.

I would like to thank Anja Müller, her husband and the whole team for their very nice support and the excellent hunt.

With a big Waidmannsheil

September 2022

Cornel Güsken, Viersen, Germany