Our first hunting trip to Africa – April 2023

We knew Anja and her husband Bernd from their driven hunts in their hunting area in Germany. Whenever we sat together they shared fotos with us from their beautifull hunting area in South Africa and inside of us the desire to experience that ourselves grew stronger every time.

The last year was a very sad year for us as we lost two members of our family but with this happening we out of a sudden had more time for holidays again – which we hadnt been able to do for years! So we decided to spoil ourselves with a hunting trip to South Africa and visit the Mullers beautifull Lodge in the Eastern Cape.

It was overwhelming when we got there and we fell in love with the property immediately. The way of hunting and the open house policy together with finest hospitality and professional organisation – it was all simply better then exspected!

But the best by far was how we were hunting – during day light, walk & stalk and shooting from the shooting sticks (4-pod). The equipment we used was all German quality from the Blaser & Steyr riffles to the scopes and binoculars from Zeiss, Leica or Svarowski.

All in all it couldnt have been more fun, we will definetly come back very soon!

April 2023

Christoph & Regina Kaut

Wellcome back at NGIRI – April 2023

After having been hunting with Anja & her team in 2019 we couldnt wait to return after Corvid Lockdowns and travel restrictions…

This time we went as a group of three – Uwe, Axel and Karin – all passionate hunters in Germany but happy South Africa returners 🙂 On our bucket list were: Impala, Blesbock, Kudu, Nyala, Warthog, Mountain Rheedbock, Bushpig and Eland. Red Hartebeest & Bushbock – if we still had time. And we wanted to do a guided Safari on the Big Five wih Anja again, like last time, but in another Nature Reserve as we had visited Addo Elephant Park before.

Our second stay at NGIRI Private Game reserve was even better than our first time – we enjoyed every minute of it. Hunting only by doing Walking & Stalking under the experienced guidance of Anja & Philip together with their team of skinners and trackers was absolutely professional and on top with the all the German traditions involved that we all love. The Weidmannsheil after the animal has gone down, the honor of the last bite as well as the “Bruch” for the successfull hunter – all that is lived at Muller Hunting & Safaris and you can feel and experience it comes from the heart. The food was lovely like always, only sometimes a little bit too much… 😉 Our hunting success speakes for itself if you have a look at the trophy pictures that we took. As we got most of our trophies in time we even made it to a Safari Ride at Schotia Game Reserve, friends of Anja & Philip, where we spent a beautifull afternoon and finished our trip with a typical South African Braai Evening arround the fireplace.

We have already made plans for returning soon!

With Waidmannsheil from Germany

April 2023

Uwe Clemens, Axel Jung & Karin