Hunting trip to the Kalahari – Feb 2023

Muller Hunting & Safari guided us on a wonderfull and exceptional hunt of a lifetime in the Northern Cape of South Africa

My wife and I met Anja at the “Jagd & Hund” trade fair in Dortmund in the summer of 2022. Actually, we wanted to go moose hunting and were looking for a suitable provider, but were disappointed and came by chance at the booth of Muller Hunting. Anja’s friendliness and sparkling enthusiasm for South Africa was contagious and so it finally came to us that we decided to book a hunting trip with Anja to the South African Kalahari. It was to be my life buffalo, which I would like to hunt there together with a strong Eland bull. As soon as we arrived at the 7-star lodge near Uppington, it was clear that this trip would be something extraordinary. The 90,000-hectare hunting area is species-rich and rough at the same time. We set off in the early hours of the morning and went in search of tracks. The eland was supposed to succeed first, but it still took us a whole day from the first speech over kilometers of pursuit until we were finally able to hunt down the old bull in an old waterbed. At the end of the successful hunting day, there was a first-class dinner in the dunes – simply great. In the following days we had several buffalo herds in front of us, but rarely got close enough. On the third last day of the safari we saw a group of 6 bulls, 3 of which were too young and 3 old enough. We chose the strongest one and went for it. Although the first shot was in the lung, we needed another 4 shots to finally stretch it – these guys are just too hard as a shot. The subsequent measurement resulted in 46 inches – what a monster. From the German hunting guide to the help with the import of weapons to the assistance with the preparation and shipping of the trophies, everything worked out wonderfully! This trip will remain in my memory forever – thank you very much for that!

With a big Waidmannsheil from Germany

February 2023

Gertrud & Wilfried Bauer